The Benefits of Areola Restoration


Areola Restoration is an advanced cosmetic procedure that can restore the shape and size of the areola. This procedure is typically the final step in a woman’s breast reconstruction after major surgery. This Laguna Med Spa Areola Restoration Parker is less invasive than nipple reconstruction and is faster and less painful. The procedure also improves the color of the areola.

Less Invasive Alternative to Nipple Reconstruction

Areola Restoration is a surgical procedure for women unsatisfied with their areola size and shape. The procedure involves reducing the size of the areola and repositioning the nipples. This surgery is an effective way to improve the look of the breast. The surgery can be performed on one or both breasts and yield immediate results. It is also useful for women who have uneven levels in their areola.

Clients with previous mastectomies and implants may find the tattooing process virtually painless. They may feel vibrations from the PMU machine, but it is not painful. If only one side of the areola or nipple is being tattooed, the tattoo should match the existing nipple and areola. In addition, a client who opts for this type of surgery can have their new areola and nipple customized to their specifications.


If you have had a mastectomy and are considering a reconstruction procedure, you may want to consider areola restoration. It is a relatively simple procedure, meaning the recovery time after surgery will be much shorter. However, areola restoration can be a little stressful. If you’re planning a double mastectomy, you’ll need to go in for bilateral reconstruction to have both areolas recreated. The process also allows you to customize your size and color.

After your areola restoration surgery, you will have small swelling and pain. However, these are usually manageable with over-the-counter medications. You should be able to return to work the next day. The final results will be visible after about a year.

Less Painful

The surgery is performed outpatient under local anesthesia or IV sedation. The patient is monitored during the procedure and released to a family member after a few hours. The procedure is less painful than a breast lift and ideal for women unhappy with their areola size.

The areola restoration process uses a flap technique to create a mound of skin adjacent to the donor area. This method is less painful and generally heals within 10 to 14 days. It is important to follow the aftercare instructions closely to avoid infection. Patients should avoid strenuous activities for a few days after the procedure.

There are several ways to reconstruct the areola. The most common method involves using skin from another part of the body. A surgeon may use skin from a previously healed mastectomy scar or loose skin on the lower belly. The surgeon will use the skin from a nearby area as a flap to help bring blood to the new area.

Improves the Color of an Areola

Areola restoration is a cosmetic procedure that improves the color and texture of the areola. The procedure can be done on male and female patients and improve the appearance of scarred areolas. The procedure requires several sessions depending on the severity of the scarring. This restoration is usually performed on women who have had breast cancer but can also benefit other women.

To restore the color and shape of an areola, an experienced cosmetic artist can tattoo color to the areola. This procedure is particularly helpful for women whose areolas are discolored or lightened. However, a certified permanent cosmetic artist must perform the procedure to ensure the best outcome. In addition, they must carefully take measurements and ensure that the result is consistent and symmetrical.

Enhances the Longevity of the Tattoo

Whether you want to add a little color to a faded tattoo or a more realistic design, Areola Restoration can help. The technique uses a 3D nipple to recreate the look of a nipple tattoo. This process creates hyperrealistic results and recreates the texture of the nipple.

Before the procedure, the cosmetic technician will outline the areola and nipple. Then the needle will transfer the pigment into the skin. During the procedure, you may feel vibrations as the needle transfers the pigment. You should wear a supportive garment for at least 24 hours during the procedure.

The healing process for areola tattoos can take several weeks. Therefore, it is important to plan for this time frame. You will want to take proper care of your new tattoo and follow all recommended aftercare. It would help if you also discussed any concerns regarding the tattoo with your doctor.


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