The top 7 benefits of respite care


The care of a loved one is a highly significant and fulfilling job; everyone can use a little vacation now and again.

This is where respite care comes in; it’s a kind of assistance that can provide a break for both you and the person you are looking after, along with a few other advantages. It’s encouraging to know that there are several respite care service options available to meet the needs of individuals.

Now, let’s examine the top 7 benefits of respite services.

1. Getting a break

Caring for someone can be rewarding, but it’s crucial to balance the role with personal needs. Respite care offers a practical solution, allowing for self-care, refreshment, and a break while your loved one receives the necessary support. This allows for simple pleasures and a well-deserved break.

2. Care to suit all needs

Respite services vary based on individual needs and eligibility, offering varying durations of care, ranging from a few hours to months.

Residential respite care

Respite residents live alongside current aged care centre residents, with residential respite care typically planned for those planning trips or scheduled commitments.

Emergency respite care

Emergency respite care is available for short-term care in cases of illness, injury, hospitalization, or family needs, but admission is subject to availability and suitability.

Home respite care

A professional visits or takes a loved one on social outings, providing a short break for carers allowing them to do personal activities or attend scheduled appointments.

Centre-based day respite care

Day respite at the centre allows your loved one to engage in group activities and enjoy a well-deserved break, with transportation options available.

3. Access 24/7 care

Respite care services provide 24/7 care for your loved one, ensuring their sleep and availability during busy times. They offer a daily care routine, reassuring for those managing illnesses.

Emergency respite is available for those in severe health situations, and approved aged care providers like IRT offer support when needed. This form of care is particularly beneficial for those with busy lifestyles.

4. Reduce isolation

The Australian government provides funding for residential respite care for older Australians and their families, covering up to 63 days per financial year, subject to availability and suitability.

5. Lifestyle activities

Aged care centres offer regular lifestyle activities tailored to individual needs, including bingo, card games, movies, massage, pet therapy, music, arts and crafts, and bus outings. For introverted seniors, they can enjoy individual activities like reading, 1:1 room visits, or sunshine therapy.

6. Nutrition and hydration

Encore offers respite care residents a healthy, balanced diet, featuring three daily meals prepared by professional chefs, snacks, and refreshments, ensuring a comfortable stay.

7. Improved recovery from illness, surgery, and operations

Respite stays provide 24-hour care and support for residents recovering from illnesses or hospital stays, enhancing their mobility and ability to eat, drink, and move around.

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