PSM™ Training Course: The Objectives and Scope

The Professional Scrum Master™ certification course involves mastering and knowing in detail about the Scrum framework. It is a blend of team-based exercises and training instructions that teach in detail the framework of Agile and Scrum. Scrum.org™ conducts this PSM™ training course. Professionals who qualify for the exam are certified as Expert Scrum professionals. Scrum.org has two registered trademarks that conduct the courses: Professional Scrum Master™ and Scrum.org™.

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Why Choose Professional Scrum Master™ Course?

The majority of the organizations (about 95 per cent) use the Agile framework of which, 58 per cent employ Scrum principles and structures. Agile is most popular because they deliver products efficiently and effectively. Therefore, it leads to the high demand for Agile and Scrum masters. According to a report, the Scrum Master role has ranked among the top ten roles in the marketing and Product Development department.

Objectives of Professional Scrum Master™ Certification Course:

This course is designed to convert an ordinary man into an expert Scrum Master. The following are the objectives of this course:

1. You learn to build and encourage the Scrum team members about the benefits of Scrum in every project.

2. You gain the necessary knowledge to be a servant leader.

3. You learn to tackle and get the best out of the projects in every situation.

4. You can learn how to resolve and challenge organizational issues using Scrum and Agile frameworks.

5. You can also learn how and where to apply the Scrum principles and processes in the most effective way possible.

Steps To Qualify for The PSM™ Training Course:

Get validated as a Scrum Professional with this Professional Scrum Master™ Certification. Following are the steps to do so:

1. You need to get trained by a Professional Training Network member of Scrum.org. Get enrolled for the upcoming course and join the two-day training.

2. You need to click on the exam link which will be provided to you after the successful completion of the two-day training. You need to qualify eighty-five per cent in a sixty-minute exam.

3. After completing the above step, you can download the Professional Scrum Master™ certificate. And thereby, you are enrolled as a Professional Scrum Master.

Pre-requisites of Professional Scrum Master™ Training Course:

You will be glad to know that there are no criteria or requirement to join the PSM certification course. But one with pre-gained basic knowledge of Scrum and Agile would be highly benefitted, though it is not mandatory.

What Are the Further Scopes After Completing The PSM™ Course?

After you complete PSM™ training course or PSM I Course, you have an option to go ahead with this course further and excel in the field. Following are the credentials which you can choose to pursue:

1. Professional Scrum Master II or PSM II

2. Professional Scrum MasterIII or PSM III, and

3. Professional Scrum Product Owner or PSPO.


Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Scrum team members are the priority for this course. For them, this course will prove to be of additional benefit. Other than these, Product Owners, Software development Managers, Software Architects, and Product Managers can also try their hands at this course. Overall, keeping all advantages in mind, you can easily apply and get a secure career in the field of IT by choosing PSM™Training.

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