Manage Your Work and Pet Cat with These 6 Tips

Paying too much or too little attention to your kitty cat can adversely affect both of your lives. On the days when you choose to work from home, you have two things to deal with – work and a pet cat. The whole thing can get on top of you as you can focus on neither your work nor your adorable furry munchkin.

Also, you can feel guilty if your kitty cat met with an accident, had a fall, injured itself, etc., in your presence. Pet insurance for cats allows you to be financially prepared for handling unexpected health scenarios like this and more. Consider buying a pet insurance policy so providing your fluffy fur ball quality medical care doesn’t have to be a financial struggle.

Meanwhile, read this article for a few tips on managing work and a pet cat simultaneously.

1.Plan a routine

A person with a plan is more prepared for interruptions during the day than someone with no set schedule. Make sure your daily routine includes tasks that matter to your cat and you. For instance, you can’t skip brief physical/mental stimulation activities because it is a work day. Try to squeeze them into your routine unless you have no choice but to omit them from the day’s duties.

Or it can be the other way around. Kitty can feel suffocated when you are always around the home, with little chance of privacy. So do your fuzzy fur ball a favor by working from a pet-free zone or other remote workspaces. Put together a workable schedule so both can enjoy time together and away from one another.

2.Create a private workspace

You can consider making all the rooms in your home cat-friendly, sparing one, and use that room to do your office work. Provide ample food and recreation options in the living room and other sunny places, so the kitty can do its own thing while you do yours. Also, consider cat-proofing your home to ensure your furry baby’s safety while you work on your laptop.

3.Provide interactive playthings

Give your cat a laptop to work on while you get busy typing a report. If you don’t have a spare or are not keen on investing in a new system, consider purchasing a cat scratch computer with a mouse. On the same lines, you can give your munchkin your old phone to play with, watch videos, play paw print games, and more. You don’t have to worry about your furry baby walking over your keyboard or perching on your desk while you work.

4.Take timed breaks

Consider taking a five-minute break every hour or so to let your fluffy fur ball know they have your attention. You can quickly check on their activities, play a brief game, give some snuggles, brush, talk to them, and peacefully get back to work.

5.Provide plenty of high places

When there is no way to get your feline pet out of your workspace, you can provide them with wall/window perches, cat trees, cat hammocks, wall-mounted shelves, and other elevated spaces they can quietly rest on. These spaces offer your cat a vantage point to observe your activity without disturbing you. Whenever your kitty shows this good behavior, reward them with verbal praises, treats, and petting to reinforce the positive habits.

6.Keep furry baby busy

Splurge on cat toys and spoil your cat (for good reasons, though!). For instance, robotic toys, wand/feather toys, laser toys, puzzle toys, Kong filled with peanut butter, chew toys, and more. You can even leave your kitty cat’s fav music channel or cat show playing on TV to keep them entertained and occupied.

These are some methods that can help you balance your work and pet cat at the same time. Consider having cams installed indoors so you have an eye on your frisky pet even while working in a pet-free room. Also, consider purchasing pet insurance for cats if you don’t have a policy. Pet insurance can help you tackle pet accidents, injuries, health emergencies, and more with little financial stress. So, why wait when you can quickly search for popular pet policies online?

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