Styling A Lariat Necklace

Lariat is a unique kind of necklace distinguishable by its long rope-like strand. These necklaces don’t feature a clasp instead they can be closed by crossing over strands or tying them like a knot. A lariat necklace is a versatile piece of jewelry that you can wear in a variety of ways to make a statement. It is a lifesaver piece for those often left puzzled over what necklace to wear. 

If you want to try your hands at this minimalist jewelry trend, given below are the different ways to style your lariat necklace. 

1. Wearing Lariat Necklace To Work:

Styling your everyday work outfits is no easy task. Gladly, with a chic lariat necklace, it is possible and much easier. Pair your lariat with your buttoned fitted shirt and a pencil skirt to add small detailing to your professional attire. Further, to emphasize your look, you can also go for detailed, dressy shirts. You are also free to team up your lariat with a delicate bracelet. Considering its fine and sober look, this Y necklace is just appropriate for your busy officer goers. 

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2. Get A Perfect Summer look with a lariat necklace: 

Thinking about how to get a perfect summer look? If so, look no further than a lariat necklace. This dainty, lightweight necklace will make you feel airy. It is one of the best ways to accessorize for a cool summer look. You can even style it with a sexy low-back dress. Pairing a lariat necklace with your summer outfits will lend you an attention-grabbing appeal. So, don’t hesitate to add this pretty necklace to your summer collection. You can also try layering it with other dainty necklaces for a chic look. If not, then you can try accessorizing it with other jewelry pieces. 

3. Evoke feminine charm with a dainty lariat necklace

Hands up to all those ladies who love to show their gentle side through their way of dressing and accessorizing. Gentle, elegant yet powerful, the lariat necklace is just for you. 

Wearing this necklace will instantly uplift your look and will make you feel confident. Drape yourself in a flowy outfit and wear a lariat necklace to capture all attention. You can also opt for floral prints, girly dresses, and nude shades to flaunt a trendy look. Well, to show your feminine side you need not always wear short dresses. Rather it is all about how you carry yourself. 

5. Give dimension to your style with a long lariat necklace

Long necklaces are fashion statements. They add the right amount of interest, elegance, and glam to your fashion-forward outfits. Regardless of your outfit, long lariat necklaces always look appealing because of their refined simplicity. They are best to be worn with monochrome dresses for achieving a clean yet classy style. 

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