Reviews on the WordPress Divi theme by ElegantThemes

Are you looking for a page builder to easily develop your WordPress site? So you have certainly heard of Divi the WordPress theme by ElegantThemes. But what is this multifunction theme really worth? Here is everything you need to know about this tool, its features, and its price.

Divi, what is it?

Launched in 2013 by Elegant Themes, Divi was originally a premium WordPress theme integrating web page building features. But, over the years, it has grown considerably:

  • In May 2014, the integrated page builder was greatly improved with the launch of Divi 2.0.
  • In June 2015, with update 2.4, appeared the possibility of editing blog articles, but also the Divi library.
  • In October 2015, Divi became a full-fledged page builder, compatible with any WordPress theme.
  • In September 2016, a more intuitive Visual Builder was implemented.
  • Finally, in October 2019, with version 4.0, Divi became a real “theme builder” allowing the creation of personalized themes.

If it was initially a WordPress theme “like the others”, Divi has therefore metamorphosed to become a real Swiss Army knife. Moreover, there is not one, but two Divi!

  • The Divi Theme, integrating all the page and theme-building features.
  • The Divi Plugin, which allows you to use the page builder on any other WordPress theme.

Today, Divi has already convinced more than 700,000 customers around the world and offers 800 pre-designed site templates for all areas.

Tool of great versatility

As we have already said, Divi is a tool of great versatility, which brings together 3 products in 1.

Extra theme

First of all, like a WordPress theme, Divi allows you to customize the visual style of your site, from the header to the footer, including the logo or the fonts … Divi also includes another theme named Extra, which is designed to create an online blog or magazine.

Visual Builder

But, where Divi really stands out from a lambda WP theme, is thanks to its page builder. The latter allows you to create and modify any page with a simple and intuitive interface. No need to get your hands on the code, you just need to wield modules and customize them to design a great page. With the Visual Builder, you can even edit your site directly from the front-end, with an almost invisible interface!


Finally, Divi has evolved into a theme builder. Concretely, this makes it possible to go even further by freely modifying the header, the footer … In short, all the elements are usually restricted by the theme. The possibilities for customization are therefore endless, making it possible to create a truly unique site.

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The advantages of Divi

  • Divi is a 3 in 1 product, both WordPress theme, page builder, and theme builder. One tool for a multitude of needs.
  • Divi also offers very good value for money, especially if you opt for a lifetime license (see below). Given the number of features offered, the investment is generally quickly profitable.
  • Finally, Divi has a large community that is very involved in the development of the tool. This guarantees frequent updates and good development prospects for the future.

The price of Divi

Divi does not offer a free version. To acquire this page builder, you will therefore have to choose from its two paid plans:

  • An annual subscription at $ 89 per year.
  • A lifetime license of $ 249

The $ 249 offer quickly becomes profitable compared to the annual subscription if you plan to use a single theme for several sites, or if you plan to use Divi for your main site for more than 2 years. So you will continue to benefit from updates, new features, and new templates for life.

Besides their pricing, both options offer exactly the same benefits:

  • Access to Divi and other themes and extensions of Elegant Themes (Extra, Monarch & Bloom)
  • Hundreds of site templates
  • Updates
  • Premium customer support
  • Use of the theme on an unlimited number of sites
  • Guarantee: possibility of reimbursement within 30 days

Our opinion on Divi

Divi seduces by the richness of its functionalities, allowing you to easily build web pages and to personalize your site in a very thorough way … All this for a fairly generous price. Note, however, the relative complexity of the tool, which takes longer to learn than some of its competitors, as well as its greed for resources. Divi nevertheless remains an excellent builder of pages and themes for WordPress’s large community.

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