Everything to Know About Penile Fibrosis!

Men experiencing pain in the penis should consult an andrologist in Islamabad. The specialist will conduct a thorough exam and relevant tests to diagnose the disease and its severity. The doctor will provide guidance regarding treatment options proven effective in managing the symptoms.

What is penile fibrosis?

It is a condition in which the fibrous scar tissue causes the patient to suffer from unbearable pain in the penis. Men above fifty-five with a family history are at a history of suffering from the disease. However, the treatment can help the individual to get better without further complications.

What are the symptoms of penile fibrosis?

The symptoms of penile fibrosis are:

  • The individual with the disease can feel the scar tissue under the skin of the penis.
  • The patient suffers from either an upward or downward curve of the penis, that causes anxiousness and discomfort.
  • The patient struggles in their sex life. It is difficult for the individual to maintain an erection.
  • The patient suffers from unbearable and constant pain in the penis.
  • The patient can notice the change in the size of the penis.

What causes an individual to suffer from penile fibrosis?

The causes of penile fibrosis include:

  • An injury can led to the disease. It can cause the formation of scar tissue, leading to unbearable pain and discomfort.
  • Men who engage in extreme sex activities or sports are at a higher risk of developing the condition and suffering from correlating complications.
  • Men above fifty-five with a family history of penile fibrosis are at a higher risk of suffering from the disease.

What complications correlate with penile fibrosis?

The complications that correlate with penile fibrosis are:

  • The individual can suffer from a lot of distress due to relationship problems. The patient struggles in engaging in sexual activities and maintaining an erection, which may affect the relationship with the partner.
  • The patient must take timely treatment to avoid erectile dysfunction and related complications.

What are the preventive measures?

The preventive measures that can help reduce the person suffering from penile fibrosis and related complications are:

  • The patients should not delay their treatment as it may cause further complications.
  • The patient should visit a doctor after a penis injury to understand the severity of the condition.
  • People should not engage in extreme sexual activities, as it increases the risk of injury.

What tests help diagnose an individual with penile fibrosis?

  • The tests that help diagnose an individual with penile fibrosis are:
  • The specialist will conduct a thorough physical exam to diagnose the disease by assessing the scar tissue. It helps understand the severity of the condition.
  • The imaging test such as ultrasound help analyzes the damage to the tissue.

What are the effective treatment options for penile fibrosis?

The medications that help treat penile fibrosis are:

  • The use of Hemorheological agents helps enhance the blood flow and deal with the scar tissues.
  • The patient may suffer from high blood pressure; therefore, the use of Antihypertensive drugs helps manage the symptoms.

The procedures that are known to help the patient with penile fibrosis are:

  • The incision and grafting procedure help make cuts in the tissue, which helps straighten the penis.
  • Iontophoresis is a surgical procedure that helps improve curvature and erectile functioning.

Men suffering from penile fibrosis should seek immediate medical attention from an andrologist in Lahore. The specialist will guide the patient regarding the latest treatment options that can enhance the penis function. The patient needs to talk to an andrologist as soon as they feel pain and discomfort to protect their sexual relationship and improve their physical health.

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