Essay on Our Environment for Independence Day

India celebrates its independence day on the 15th of August every year. Back in 1947, on this very day, India broke free from the shackles of British Rule. This day is of immense pride for the entire nation and is celebrated across the country in various ways. There are various essay, recitation, speech competitions and cultural programs are organised in various schools and institutes across the country for the students to actively participate in them. This activity is done so that the students, in this manner, get to know more about our history and heritage.

Independence day essay is also one of the most common and important topics, which are a part of the CBSE curriculum. And not just the school or college curriculum, this topic is also important for those who are preparing for various competitive examinations. Preparing a well written Independence Day Essay well before the examinations will help the students to perform well in their exams.

Independence Day Essay

The British Government had colonised India for many centuries, and after the relentless efforts of all our freedom fighters, we finally gained independence on the 15th August, 1947. Since that day, every year, we celebrate this day as Independence Day, to not just celebrate our freedom but also a tribute to all the lives who had selflessly given their everything for their motherland. Thus, to write a good independence day essay, the students must know the history behind this day. Students must have a brief idea about the timeline of the major events and know the names of most of the Freedom fighters.

And it is not just the history which is important, to get the essence of this day, students must also know about the significance of the independence day. Here, we have listed a few points which are crucial while writing such essays on independence day:

  1. Knowing about the advent of the British rule in India
  2. Getting to know about the changes that came gradually, which led to such nation-wide protests
  3. The role of various segments of the society for this movement
  4. Names of the major movements and freedom fighters
  5. Understanding how did we come to this particular day
  6. Being clear about the significance of this day
  7. Knowing about why do we celebrate this day
  8. This day is declared as a National holiday
  9. Activities that happen on this day across the nation

Environment Essay

From the first day of independence, our nation has pledged to move forward, and the Government has taken various steps to shift our country from an under-developed nation to a developed nation. Currently, the focus is just on the overall financial and technical growth; taking proper care of our environment has been an integral part of the plans. As India is now one of the largest democracies in the world, we are striving to make the country a better place to live, not just for us but also for the future generations, by taking better care of the environment.

Environment essays are thus becoming rather popular these days, in not just the school, college, university examinations, but also the competitive exams. This is being done to help students understand the worth of our environment and encourage them to take better care of the environment and protect it from degradation.

To write a good Environment Essay, especially for the CBSE curriculum, students must prepare thoroughly and not miss any major points. Below, we have listed some of the major points that they must keep in mind while framing such essays on our environment:

  1. Knowing about the importance and components of our environment
  2. Understanding the benefits of the environment
  3. Getting to know the causes of the environmental degradation
  4. Being clear about the impacts of human activities on the environment
  5. Knowing about what is sustainable development and what are its benefits
  6. Listing some important measures that are or could be taken in the protection of the environment
  7. Mentioning some of the Government initiatives in this regard

To know more about how to write such essays, students can visit the BYJU’s website. This will help the students to prepare well for their exams.

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