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Vape lovers are always in search of more innovative tools. So, if you are in love with the smoking tools then it is sure that you will love this Yocan apex mini vaporizer. So, it is the latest advanced version of the smoking pen. Thus, a few months ago it was released by Yocan itself. As compared to the other versions of Yocan it is the most portable and innovative version.

So, with the advancement in technology yeoman’s try to make and discover new features in their product. They made their unique product with the new technology and they also care for their user requirements. Also, this mini vaporizer has amazing features with great quality.

Mini Vaporizer Kit

Following are the specifications of this mini vaporizer. So, these are.

·         It includes a long-life battery of 380mAh.

·         It includes the latest style of coil cover or cap.

·         It uses the best quartz dual coil

·         It has changeable settings of its voltages.

Changeable feature of voltages

So, with the advancement and user requirements, Yocan put this amazing feature in their product. Thus, for the ease of their users, they put this feature of changeable voltages in their product. It means that you can also manually change the temperature of your vaporizer while smoking.

There are different sets of voltages which you can choose for. These settings of voltages are 3.4 volts rather than 3.8 and then comes the last one 4.2 volts. These are the voltages in which you can set your vaporizer temperature.

These temperature settings are the best to give you great results and to work properly with the Yocan apex mini vaporizer. This mini vaporizer is also made with the technology that is used in its previous versions. But this version has some little bit more amazing features as compared to its previous ones.

Yocan long battery

This latest version of Yocan has a long-lasting battery and this is liked by the users as well. So, it is the small portable version of yeoman’s so it also needs to house a small size of the battery in it. Thus, with great results, this mini vaporizer has a long-lasting battery of a capacity of 380 mAh.

Also, it preserves the battery life for a long time just because it constantly drops the temperature setting. Thus, the 380 mash capacity is very enough for enjoying the sessions. Thanks to Yocan for these unique amazing features.

So, this temperature drop feature also helps you when you are somewhere out. So, this smaller version allows you to enjoy the lightweight and small size so you can keep it with you anywhere you want.

Design of mini vaporizer

So, another smoke vaporizer has a great difference as compared to this Yocan apex vaporizer with its genuine version. Thus, in the circumference and its width, the original version is at 0.55 inches diameter and this mini vaporizer is at only 0.44 inches. It means it is more compact and portable.

Also, in the terms of its height, the original version of Yocan stands at 4.42 inches and this portable version stands only 43 inches tall. So, its making is very portable and you can carry it anywhere you want. It is very easy to use and operate.

Quartz dual tips with modification

For using these coils in this portable version, these coils have been redesigned to fit in this vaporizer. So, this Yocan apex mini vaporizer uses the quartz dual coils that are fitted in it. Thus, now you will always see a newly designed coil with a deep chamber and strong circumference instead of the typical quartz coils.

So, these amazing features mean that it has few chances of the wax spilling just because of its deep chamber. Also, with this mini vaporizer, you can load large numbers of wax concentrates which were difficult by using its old versions.

The newly designed quartz coils it has also the latest designed coil cover. This newly designed coil cover allows you to enjoy the selected wax concentrates without any spit back. So, aside from the latest design, the workings of coils are the same as their previous versions have.

How to employ this mini vaporizer?

Following are the instructions to use this mini vaporizer.

1.  So, for continuously enjoy your smoking session, first of all, make sure that your vaporizer battery is fully charged. Don’t leave the battery on charging for a long time; it will cause a reduction of battery life.

2.  Thus, hit the power button five times continuously, to turn on this mini vaporizer after the battery is fully charged.

3.  Then, the next step is to prepare the wax concentrates that you selected.

4.  So, cover off the coil cap from the coil by unscrewing it.

5.  Thus, using the tool scoop up the wax to concentrate the desired amount, and puts it on top of your coil.

6.  So, your vape is ready to use.

Final Verdict

So, this Yocan apex mini vaporizer is the most advance and portable version of Yocan. It has many amazing features as compared to the others. Thus, the major advancements like, the changeable voltages settings and its redesigned coils and also coils cap. Also, it is more portable and smaller you can slide it in your pocket and keep it with you anywhere you want.

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