10 Easy Steps to a Useable Website

It can be difficult to build a website that is useful. This guide will help you get started. Real all 10 Easy Steps to a Useable Website.

One of the hardest parts of creating a website for most people is the actual putting together of the site. Most people don’t have any idea how to do it and never learn even after they’ve hired someone else to put their site together for them.

In this section, I’m going to give you 10 easy steps to follow that will have you up and running with a fully usable website in no time at all.

1. It’s all about you content

Your website must be properly listed by search engines. It allows search engines to easily read your website’s content. You must also make your content unique and communicate your message. What is it that makes your product or service better than the rest? Your unique selling proposition (or usp) is what you should convey clearly on the page.

2. Make effective use of your description and title tags

These are the two most important tags for referencing page content. Your pages listings will not be affected by meta keywords.

3.Ensure content is properly formatted

Italics, bold text and bulleted lists are all important ways to break up your content. Your pages will be more easily found by search engines and visitors if they are well formatted. It is better for visitors to scan your pages than to read them. Therefore, it is important to make your page easy-to-browse and still convey your message.

4.Proper code

Proper programming is essential. Web standards have evolved significantly over the years. It is crucial to ensure that your pages are compliant with both html (and css) codes. This is how it should be looked at. What would it take to get your message across if you spoke swahili? The same goes for your code. It shouldn’t be difficult for search engines to index your content.

5.Do not use Front Page or Dreamweaver or any other WYSIWYG editors.

Although it is accurate, MS Front Page allows anyone to create a website that doesn’t comply with W3C standards. The code it generates is a complete train wreck. This is a major problem for websites. Without a solid code base (foundation), your site will not be able to compete with the rest.

6.Don’t design in Flash

Flash animation may seem technical or “neat”, but it only serves to distract people from the main reason they came to your website, which is to purchase your product or service. Visitors are looking for your services, not a flashy, noisy website. Flash can also cause major problems in getting it properly index. Search engines cannot extract content from your website because it is all contained in the swf. It is impossible to provide an html version if you absolutely need a flash page.

7. Easy on the eyes

Website design is not complete without graphic elements. Avoid using bright colors. They can be very hard on the eyes and create extreme contrasts. Your logo and brand should be prominently displayed on the homepage as well as in other places.

8. Promote a feeling of well-being through ease of use

You should ensure that you have all the legal documents, such as privacy policies and return policies. You should also have all your contact information, pricing, etc. It is important to present your information in a way that conveys legitimacy. Visitors should find it easy to reach you with any questions.

9.Include an opt in newsletter

An opt-in newsletter is a great way to get repeat customers. Direct marketing is possible to those who are already interested in your product. There is no better way to inform customers about new products and changes in your services.

10.Use a trademark/tag line

We trademarked the symbol of the manipulated at with the phrase “Bringing e-solutions” to increase the strength and credibility of our brand. Now we can communicate effectively who we are and give an idea of what we do.

Websites are a dime a dozen. Many people have them but hardly anyone uses them. A usable website is one that gives your customers what they want… and… gets rid of everything else. A simple way to determine if your current website is usable is to ask yourself this question: “If someone wanted to steal my idea and build their own website, would they be able to do it without too much difficulty?

Websites are an essential part of any marketing campaign. Your website should be easy-to-use, attractive and give your customers what they need. Add calls-to-action (CTAs) where they are needed most.

Include videos on your website. They will increase the stickiness of your site and make your visitors more likely to buy from you.


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