What You Need to Know About Rewarding Survey Participants


If you’re looking to increase the number of respondents in your survey, one way to do so is by offering survey incentives. Incentives can range from monetary incentives to free products. In this article, you’ll discover how to choose the best survey incentive and set up a rewards system.

Right Survey Incentive

Choosing the right survey incentive is a key part of getting survey responses. The reward program you set up, such as that found at sites like Qualtrics, must be appropriate for the respondents and the study you’re doing. For example, consumers need less incentive than business professionals. Survey respondents typically come from a larger pool of consumers, which means you can afford a lower incentive and still obtain a good sample size. Other factors to consider when choosing the right incentive include the respondent’s title and position. A busy respondent might expect a higher incentive than one who is idle.

Incentives can be anything from cash or free products to gifts. For example, offering an iPad may encourage respondents to participate if you’re conducting a survey about a new product. But if you’re targeting international respondents, you’ll want to choose carefully. Some incentives have hidden costs that you must consider, such as shipping and handling costs.

Setting up a rewards system

Setting up a rewards system for survey participants is a great way to encourage survey participation. You can offer participants a discount on purchases or a chance to win a prize if they complete the survey. It can be more expensive to reward everyone who completes the survey, but the costs of administering such a system are relatively low. The rewards you provide should match the value of the survey.

While survey incentives are important for survey success, they can also be a major hassle. Not only do you have to purchase incentives, but you must also track them and resolve complaints. Your rewards should be appropriate for your marketing goals and research objectives.

Unique Incentive

A unique incentive can be a great way to motivate respondents to take your survey. However, choosing a prize that is both valuable to the end target and affordable for survey participants is important. Ideally, the reward should provide value for all demographics and not cost too much to give away. You should understand the survey panel you are targeting and test various options to find the perfect incentive. The final reward should be easy to redeem. Gift cards and coupons are good choices and can be easily sent via email.

When choosing an incentive, it is important to remember that a survey participant has already provided you with their contact information. While a cash offer will generate the highest response rates, other incentive types will help increase responses. Incentives such as gift cards and coupons to a popular store or a charity donation can also be effective. Incentives can make the survey more valuable and encourage participants to complete it quickly.

Monetary Incentive

Choosing a monetary incentive to reward your survey participants is a critical part of survey design. This type of incentive has several benefits, including increased response rates. The incentive must appeal to the respondent, and it should also be within your budget. For example, a 5-dollar Starbucks gift card might work well for hard-to-reach prospects, while a $10 Visa gift card would be more meaningful. In addition to cash incentives, you can also use gift cards, money orders, and online gift vouchers. Cash incentives are more effective than other incentives, as participants are more likely to respond to offers involving monetary compensation.

The monetary reward you choose depends on your survey length and your target audience. A large prize may encourage survey takers to answer your survey, but a small prize will only inspire them to complete part of the survey. Also, remember that a generous incentive can encourage respondents to feel good about your business, creating bias and tainting your


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