How to Create A Youtube Channel? Various Services It Provides


Are you planning to form a YouTube channel? If yes, you must know the various steps that will provide the pathway to form videos. The primary matter of concern for the people is to do the updation of YouTube. It will increase the working of the YouTube channel.

The main focus of the people who from the YouTube channel is to upload videos. The earnings of people are, to a great extent depending on the views that are available on the videos. A person can even plan to Buy YouTube Views

The person needs to be really careful in buying the views. The thing that matters in buying is choosing the platform that is reliable. If the platform selecting the views is reliable, then the quality of the likes will improve.

Different Youtube Services

YouTube is a platform that is known to provide a single type of service to its clients. A person can go through the services and then plan to form the account on the application:

  • YouTube Premium: In general, a person can have access to the videos for free but with certain restrictions. On the other hand, having YouTube premium will provide complete video access. In addition, a person can access music, movies, and shows in the premium service.
  • YouTube live: With the improvement in technology, people even have the option to be live on their YouTube channel. So it helps in having a more engaging audience.
  • YouTube gaming: The person can even play the game in the current options on YouTube. The person can get the option to play online and offline modes of games.
  • Upload the videos on YouTube: The main service YouTube provides users is to upload videos. Therefore, the person can create attractive videos and upload them on the channel to have good viewers.
  • Buying views and like option: The person can even plan to Buy YT Views or likes in case they lack numbers. The selection of the seller is the choice of the users only.
  • Save water later videos: The people who are using YouTube can also save them for the watch later option. For this, the person will have to click on the save option and add it to the watch later option.

Steps To Create A YouTube Channel

Once the person has decided to use YouTube for business expansion, he must gather the details on how they can form the account. The steps are quite simple; even first-time users can create the channel with guidance.

1. Sign Up For The Google Account

If the person wishes to watch, create or share the videos on YouTube, they must sign up. So, first of all, visit the YouTube channel and click on the sign-up option in the upper right corner. After this click, the person will be on the Google sign-in page.

  • If you already have a Google account, then just sign in on the page
  • In the case of multiple Google accounts, a person can choose a Google account related to the YouTube channel.
  • If the user does not have a Google account, he can form a new account on Google. 

2. Create The Youtube Channel

After completing the steps to form a Google account, a person can create a YouTube channel. 

  • First, the person can create a YouTube channel by having a link with a Google account. 
  • Then, he can create a new channel that is available on your channel. 
  • Finally, the person can set a specific name that he wants for his YouTube channel. 

3. Customize The Page

The person can effectively do customization of the page. With this step, the person can add a profile picture on the YouTube channel. It will provide the idea to the viewers regarding the things that person will sell. The optimization of the channel will make it an attractive option for people.

  • The person can, first of all, add the profile image related to the brand that he will deal in the future. The people should add the image will at least 98*98 as the dimensions of the image
  • Another thing is the banner image that is displayed at the top of the channel. The image that is added as the banner must be less than 6MB.
  • The video watermark is available on all the videos that a person uploads. The best size of the watermark is 150*150

4. Add The Videos

Once the person is done with the formation of the YouTube channel then, he can work on uploading the videos. The person should focus on adding attractive videos so that he can have quality for the audience on the videos. A person can plan to make the quality of the thumbnail as it is the first thing that comes to the notice of people.

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