How much does IT cost for CCIE?


So, you want to apply for CCIE exams. The cost for the CCIE exam is 450 US dollars at every attempt. The lab examination price is about 1600 dollars. The total cost for the exam is 2050 dollars. For more information, you can click here to investigate.

Exam Description

The CCIE is the exam that is designed to test the knowledge of security server products and solutions. The course of the exam is based on server architectures and associated technologies as well as their functions, features, and benefits. It includes knowledge of how to plan, design, install, configure, troubleshoot, manage, monitor, and operate Cisco servers. Those who want to acquire this certification and who have not already acquired a previous version of this certification are ideal candidates. They must have a minimum of two years architecting experience on CCIE server solutions. The duration of exam is 2 hours for solving 60 questions. It is held in Korean, Simplified Chinese and English. The passing score is 67%.

Exam Topics

  1. Manage, monitor, administer, and operate CCIE server solutions 11%
  2. Determine how to troubleshoot CCIE server solutions 7%
  • Determine appropriate CCIE plug-ins for 3rd party management frameworks to aid future troubleshooting
  • Determine appropriate preventive measures to recommend
  1. Describe how to install, configure, set up, and validate CCIE server solutions 7%
  • Describe how to configure CCIE server solutions
  1. Describe how to plan and design CCIE server solutions 30%
  • Describe how to gather and analyze customer requirements and infrastructure
  • Given customer requirements, design and size a solution
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate solution or tool to demonstrate
  • Given customer requirements, determine an appropriate implementation plan
  1. Describe the server market and recognize opportunities to apply CCIE server solutions to meet customer needs 8%
  2. Describe and differentiate the functions, features, and benefits of CCIE server products and solutions 26%
  3. Describe and differentiate foundational server architectures and technologies 11%

How to pass the exam?

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