5 Ways Social Media Affects Relationships


There are countless opportunities for people to find love online, and also countless ways social media can destroy these unions. With social media handles on Facebook and Instagram, many couples are spending more time on than offline. This can be a trigger for many bad experiences; perhaps more bad than good. With social media, one can find and secure love interests with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Those currently in relationships would be better off not using social media for relationship tips or guides. When you finally meet hot Russian singles, it is time to get off the web. The internet has a way of bringing the negative side of others into your life or bringing your relationship to the world. Here are a few ways social media affects relationships, both negatively and positively.

1. Anti-social

Social media is meant to be…well, social. It is meant to create a space for people to interact more than they usually would. While this is true in some cases, relationships fall apart when people date. Others spend too much time on their social media accounts, while others unfollow friends for ignoring them. It is a byproduct of social media and a paradox at best. When couples begin chatting on phones while in the same room, social media has done them an injustice.

2. Privacy issues

These can be affected in several ways. The first negative experience could be you posting about personal stuff and the world knows about it. This could also lead to security threats where people begin knowing where you live, family trees, and workplaces. Also, some friends will begin to panic simply because you haven’t posted in a while. They can become stalkers, or begin probing you when all you needed was time to yourself.

3. Insecurity

Once people begin posting how fabulous their relationships are, others become distressed. Remember, there are too many idlers online who are invested in other people’s relationships. Those less lucky with their relationships begin to compare and that is not a good thing. When sad people watch others post sometimes fake high-living, they immediately feel worthless. With time, your posts will cause insecurity in others. If you are on the receiving end, it is best to avoid social media entirely.

4. Long-distance meets

One pro of online dating is the possibility to date people in far-off places. This brings different cultures together, something slightly harder to achieve physically. This allows you to pick who you would like to meet, and from where and even engage them in real time regardless of time zones. Long-distance relationships have been known to last for years using the right social media accounts.

5. Bad advice

Everyone is a guru nowadays, which includes offering relationship advice. The best advice is to avoid any web-based advice. When someone shares their failing marriage, they immediately get useless help. Some will receive unsolicited advice too, whether their relationship is good or not. This can be detrimental to younger couples especially. Thus, social media is not necessarily the best place for struggling or new relationships.

Bottom Line

There are countless reasons to avoid social media in its entirety and stick to physical meetups. There are also a few reasons why online dating is better than physical meet-ups. Understanding the differences and how each plays a part in relationships is important. When you begin a new relationship, be sure to avoid social media gurus at all costs. It might save your life and relationships moving forward.

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