What is The Fastest Unicycle

The unicycle is a vehicle that has a single wheel and is usually propelled by pedals. Extreme bull, a sister company, has entered the electric unicycle Lumbuy market with a bang. Their first and fastest unicycle is ready to beat all its competitors due to its stunning looks, superior range, impressive top speed, and ferocious power.

Salient Features

What makes a unicycle fastest and how can it be different from a simple unicycle? To answer all your doubts I will explain some enhanced features and additions which are going to show how fast a unicycle can go. First of all, there are two motor options available in the commander. Not going into the details, the first motor offers a higher top speed while the other one provides impressive torque, allowing the riders to conquer a climb of 30 -35 degrees with incredible ease. The motors can go up to the maximum speed of 104km/h and 80km/h respectively. The motors deliver instant acceleration and plenty of torque, allowing the riders to reach the top speed in the blink of an eye. Talking about the battery and range, the fastest unicycle is in a league of its own, the electric unicycle features an enormous battery that offers a mind-boggling range of distance on a single charge. The batteries are supercharged which takes half a day to get fully charged, so you can kick on the roads at the fastest pace. Talking about the appearance and ride quality with a distinctive design language, striking appearance, and stunning looks the extreme bull commander is sure to grab good attention. The electric unicycle boasts a robust and rugged structure that gives it a solid and premium feel. The extreme bull commander can carry a maximum load of 130kg and weighs only 36.5kg. It is also highly portable and fits nicely between your legs on a bus or a train ride. The compact size also makes it easy for users to transfer the EUC from one place to another. The best-in-class features of this EUC include a footrest clearance, the unicycle can handle the tightest corners and sharpest corners with incredible ease. The wheel shows excellent maneuverability both on and off the road. In addition to that the large wheel size helps maintain balance even at the fastest speeds.


The fastest electric unicycle does amazingly well when going over bumpy roads and uneven surfaces. The rough and rough off-road track does not create much problem either, leading to a smooth and pleasant ride regardless of the terrain. In contrast to that, the electric unicycle has a pair of LED lights on the front to brighten your outings, and the power button is hidden behind the cut-outs, preventing unintentional shut-offs.

The safety features include flawless safety and has a very effective beep system to inform the riders of any safety hazard. Considering the above-mentioned salient feature, the extreme Lumbuy bull commander is an excellent option for electric unicycle lovers in various countries. It has all the exceptional features for frivolous rides and offers higher functionality for inter-city shuttles.

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