What Is Networking? 5 Networking Mistakes To Avoid

What Is Networking? 5 Networking Mistakes To Avoid

Can you believe that only 33% of employees feel engaged while they’re at work?

The main reason why is that many people don’t like their jobs. If you’ve been feeling stuck in your career, then you owe it to yourself to pursue brighter endeavors. Applying for new jobs is intimidating, but you can go far in life if you know how to network.

What is networking exactly? Keep reading to learn about the top five mistakes that people make that sabotage their job opportunities.

1.Talking About Yourself Too Much

Many networking strategies involve presenting yourself in the best light. You need to share personal information with others, but you shouldn’t let this goal push you into dominating the conversation.

Spend some time getting to know the people you’re talking to as well. You’ll make a good impression if you show genuine interest in who they are.

2.Making Bold Requests Too Soon

One of the most important networking tips is to never put new contacts in an uncomfortable situation too soon. It’s understandable that you’re eager to get the most out of networking, but you’ll sabotage your connections if you ask for big favors from people you just met.

Ask yourself how you would feel if a stranger asked you to do something that you’re thinking of requesting. If this would make you feel unsettled, then wait until you know that person better.

3.Forgetting That Professionals Are People Too

The people who have the best networking strategies are the ones who view others as humans rather than workers. Mind your manners and be as personable as possible.

While you shouldn’t probe too deeply into others’ personal lives, it’s great to expand your conversations beyond work so you can make those connections feel more authentic and meaningful.

4.Getting People’s Information Confused

A crucial part of your networking strategy should involve writing down brief notes about each person you meet and what you discussed. At networking events, you’re bound to have dozens of unique conversations with new people.

After people give you their business cards, take out a pen and jot down some highlights so you can keep everyone’s information straight.

5.Not Viewing Relationships in the Long-Term

Some people expect too much from strangers and then dump them when they don’t meet their demands. You’re much better off playing it cool and staying in touch with these people in the long run.

As you nurture these relationships, people will want to help you thrive in life. You’ll have access to many more opportunities down the road.

What Is Networking? Now You Know What to Avoid

You’re not alone if you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is networking?” After reading this guide, you’ll know the top mistakes to avoid so you can make great impressions on everyone you meet.

Having superb networking is just one of the many ways that you can advance your career. Check out our other articles to learn more valuable tips.

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