Try These Fireplace Odor Removal Tips before Calling On Professionals

If you have a fireplace in your home and are sick and tired of the stuffiness you feel whenever you walk through the door because of the smoke from the wood burning, then you need to call professional odor removal services New Haven. Before you do so however, here are a few tricks you can try before ringing the professionals up.

Tips On Removing Fireplace Odor From Your Home

Here are some things you can do to get your home smelling fresh once again. If these fail, then you can consider getting professional odor removal services in New Haven.

  1. Clean Your Chimney Thoroughly

You probably are already in the habit of cleaning your chimney every time you build a fire, but are you thorough in your cleaning? To eliminate the fireplace odor from your home, you might have to carry out a deep cleaning of your chimney. To do this, use a stiff brush to wipe along the interior and side walls of the fireplace, thus removing all the ash and creosote that would have built up in it.

Remember to vacuum up the ash residue on the floor of the fireplace before you begin a deep cleaning of your chimney so it doesn’t spread to other parts of the home.

After wiping down the interior and walls of the chimney and fireplace, you can use a solution of white distilled vinegar and water to clean the interiors of the fireplace. This will help to dispel any strong odors from the ash residue. You could also use an all-purpose cleaner instead.

  1. Clean Your Carpets And Furniture

It is possible for the strong odor to still linger even after you have spent several hours cleaning up your chimney and fireplace. This could be because a lot of the unpleasant odor have been trapped in your carpets and upholstery.

When this is the case, it is usually better to call on a carpet and upholstery cleaning service. If you intend doing it on your own though, then here is what you can do. Sprinkle powder deodorizers over the furniture, carpets, curtains etc, allow the powder to settle for a while – like an hour, then vacuum up the powder residues. Repeat this step at least twice, then spray fabric friendly deodorizers over the affected areas to keep it smelling fresh.

  1. Clean All Hard Surfaces

This is a relatively easy tip to follow. All hard surfaces like table tops, counters, and the likes that are in proximity to the fireplace should be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaning agent and wiped down thereafter.  If you have sections of your floor that are exposed and are tiled or covered with hardwood, then you might need to use a steam mop to clean it.

When To Call The Professional

There are times when all efforts to rid your home of these strong odors can prove futile. If that is the case in your home, then you better procure professional odor removal services in New Haven to help you eliminate the smell.

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