The early Capitol Wrestling Corporation

The WWE is a franchise that was first established in 1980. During those years, it was called the WWF. Punters can visit the top betting site in Ghana – 1xBet features tons of betting possibilities on events that come from that entity.

Yet, this didn’t mean that there wasn’t any wrestling franchise prior to the WWE or WWF. In fact, there was an entity called the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, better known as the CWC, which is seen as the precursor to the WWE. These wrestling events can be extremely entertaining, and the top betting site 1xBet Ghana is the best place to wager in them.

Establishing the franchise

Wrestling competitions have been taking place in the United States since the early 20th century. Yet, up to the 1950s, there was no central entity that regulated that sport. Instead, there were lots of smaller organizations that oversaw a limited number of competitions and wrestlers. Right now, the best WWE betting site in Ghana is 1xbet.com.gh/line/Wrestling/ and can be used to wager on this modern competition.

During the mid-century, lots of boxing managers and wrestlers from the New York area wanted to create a more centralized entity. Its purpose would be to promote this sport in this major metropolis. Their names were:

  • Jess McMahon;
  • Tex Rickard;
  • Ed Lewis;
  • Billy Sandow;
  • and Jack Curley.

Finally, the brand new Capitol Wrestling Corporation was established in the early 1950s. Also, the first official event under this entity took place on the 7th of January 1953. Many decades later, this would give rise to the WWE. A great betting site is 1xBet Ghana, where punters can place their wagers in events organized by the WWE franchise.

Consolidation of the franchise

The CWC established a new entity in 1963, which was called the World Wide Wrestling Federation. This franchise can be seen as the direct precursor to the modern WWE. The specific reason why the CWC did this move was apparently due to legal disputes caused by a tournament. Punters can find eSports betting at http://www.1xbet.com.gh/line/Esports/, where also lots of WWE video games are featured.

During the 1960s and 1970s, lots of events were organized by the franchise. In fact, they started to become dominant in the northeastern part of the United States. Soon, they also started to attract attention from the rest of the country and even the entire world.

As a result of this explosion in popularity, in 1979 the WWWF changed its name to World Wrestling Federation. It was more commonly known as the WWF. This is when the true consolidation of this highly entertaining franchise really took place. The 1xBet betting platform is also available for wagering on lots of events organized by this entity.


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