The Challenges Of Painting a Multi-Family Building

The Challenges Of Painting a Multi-Family Building

Managing and maintaining a multi-family building can be hard work. Not only do you need to keep your tenants happy, but you need to keep the building safe. This means regular maintenance and upkeep. A building that looks run-down will not get many tenants. One of the most efficient and economical ways to do this is with a coat of paint on the exterior. A fresh coat of paint also improves the visual appeal of the building and is more attractive to potential tenants. Multi-family buildings can be big or small and of varying shapes and layouts. This can create challenges when it comes to painting.

The Challenges Of Painting a Multi-Family Building

1. Height and Access

Multi-unit properties are often multi-story which can be a challenge for exterior painters. Painters need to be concerned with safety for themselves and the occupants. Depending on the height, special equipment may be required such as cranes, extension ladders, and scaffolding. It is important to work with a professional company with workers that have experience and training for this equipment. When painting at a higher level, painters need to pay close attention to detail. Tall buildings will be visible from long distances, so you need to make sure the property looks nice from any view. This detailed work can take time and should always be handled by a professional with experience. Another risk of working at heights is pollution. Air quality is worse at the top of these buildings which can be hazardous for the health of painters. Additionally, any extreme weather will also be greater at those heights, making strong winds and rains very dangerous and painting more challenging.

2. Coordination and Flexibility

Multi-family properties are always open and people can come and go at any time. It is not like a commercial business with working hours. This means painters have to work while people are at home. Painting these properties requires flexibility when it comes to scheduling. Property managers should provide plenty of advance notice regarding the dates and times when painting will take place. There are also potential dangers with exposure to drying paint and unpleasant fumes. You cannot evacuate the buildings, so the best approach is to complete the painting during the least active hours of the day. This is typical during working hours between 8 am and 5 pm. This will also reduce the number of tenants in the area while painters are working.

3. Communication

Even if you have painting done during less active hours, painters will still be in contact with several people throughout the day. Professional contractors will assign a project manager to oversee any communication and to handle any conflicts. This person will be the point of contact for tenants and the property manager and can answer questions for both sides, as well as give updates on the project.

When Your Multi-Family Building Needs a Touch-Up

Maintenance should be scheduled regularly throughout the year, but painting does not need to be done as often. Exterior paint applied by a professional painter can last for several years. There are a few signs to look for that will tell you it is time to touch up the paint.

  • Time Since Last Painting: On average, exterior painting should be done every 3 to 5 years. If it has been over 5 years since you last painted the outside, you probably want to get a new coat of paint on there right away.
  • Faded Color: Sun exposure will cause paint color to fade. To help identify fading, keep a photo of the paint job when complete as reference. Then you can take new pictures for comparison and repaint when fading is highly noticeable.
  • Reduced Business: If the numbers of tenants decrease and continue to do so, the appearance of the property can be a reason. People want their home to look nice and if you neglect the exterior, people will leave. A fresh coat of paint brings a new lift to a building and will keep current tenants happy as well as attract new ones.
  • Damage: A quality coat of paint serves to protect the building. If you see signs of mold, mildew, moisture, it might be time for some new paint. Paint can serve as a sealant and to be effective it needs to be re-done regularly.

Hire A Professional Commercial Painter

Because of the challenges associated with painting multi-family buildings, it is important to hire a professional for the job. They have the experience, training, and knowledge to handle the challenges and get the job done right for you. You will get professional behavior and communication and because of their experience, the job will likely get done quickly.

Final thoughts

Professional commercial construction companies are also fully licensed, insured, and bonded which protects them and you. There is an increased risk of liability as well as potential property damage if you work with non-professional painters. They also have the resources to deliver professional results for a better-looking building. If your property is ready for a touch-up, call us today for a consultation and we will get your property looking brand new and ready for business.

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