The Brief Guide That Makes Generating Sales Leads Simple

Did you know that 97% of people ignore cold calls? If you’re still trying to gain sales leads through this method, you likely aren’t getting anywhere.

Generating salesĀ qualified leads (SQL) requires more work and online strategies these days. Keep reading to learn some sales lead generation methods.

Go to Networking Events

Attending in-person and online networking events can help with generating sales leads. Networking is a great way to reach new people, build relationships, and connect with likely buyers.

Choose your events wisely because networking requires time. Attend events where your sales leads are most likely to be.

It’s best not to approach people from a sales perspective. Help people first so they are more interested in buying from you later.

Exchange business cards at in-person networking events. Give out social media handles during online events. You can also ask to connect with people on LinkedIn.

Although networking can help you generate different types of leads, this process will take longer than some of the other lead generation strategies.

Check Relevant Social Media Networks

You can find some of the best sales leads on relevant social media networks. LinkedIn is a great website for generating quality sales leads as your niche is already on the site.

However, depending on your industry, there are other social media networks where you can find leads.

Once you follow or connect with leads, show them that you can help them solve a problem. Write a post or share an update on what you are working on.

Social media tools can integrate with other tools to help with sales growth. Learn more at UserGems.

Publish Informative Articles and Blogs

These days, a lot of business growth comes from informative articles and blogs. Leads don’t like to be pushed into a sale so you need to find ways to persuade them without being ‘salesy.’

One of the most effective ways to do this is through blog content. Not only can it improve lead generation efforts, but it can drive SEO traffic to your website.

You can publish articles on your website in addition to these places:

  • Social media channels
  • Websites that publish industry blogs and articles
  • Your customers’ websites

Writing makes you a visible expert in your field which will make leads more likely to buy from you because you are building trust.

Create an Email Newsletter

Every sales professional should have an email list. Asking prospects to sign up for a regular newsletter can help build relationships.

An email newsletter allows you to take customers through the lead stage through a sale. Eventually, you’ll persuade them into making a repeat sale.

Emails will be automatically sent to groups of people signed up for your mailing list. The goal of a newsletter is to build interest in your products or services.

Generating Sales Leads: Best Practices

There are various methods of generating sales leads. Going to networking events, checking relevant social media channels, publishing informative articles, and creating an email newsletter are at the top of the list.

Use this guide to improve your sales numbers. Don’t forget to come back for more tips like this.

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