Tallest Building in Dubai- you must visit!

Tallest Building in Dubai- you must visit!

Crown Jewel of Dubai city which bears the name of it, “Burj Dubai”. Burj khalifa is the first tourist attraction destination in the entire UAE. Everyone knows that Burj Khalifa is the tallest building on earth, but the history of this building is quite fascinating. Burj khalifa received various awards, and it sets many world records. Burj Khalifa is also a political and cultural focal point, gestures ex-pats and solidarity with the people around the world.

their governments like laser display of the national flag on special days like a national day or independence day.

Construction History

Burj Khalifa’s construction started in the suburb of Downtown Dubai in 2004 January, near the business district on Sheikh Zayed road. Adrian smith designed the architecture of Burj Khalifa, who previously designed the Wilis Tower and One world trade center. Initially, controversy erupted when people came to know that concrete and steel material used was from the palace of the republic former East German Parlament. However, the construction was completed on 1 October 2009, the Inauguration ceremony was held on 4th January 2010.

Tourist attraction Center

A record number of tourists flock to the world’s tallest building to see the modern wonder created by humans. The distance from Al Maktoum International Airport is roughly 15kms, and it takes 24 minutes to reach the Burj khalifa. Tourists can book Aventador car rental Dubai for a safe ride – this is the first choice for many tourists who visited Dubai and doesn’t wanna rely on taxis and cab.

Tourists love to hit Hotels, lounge bars, and the 124th floor to witness a breathtaking view of the city center up to the Persian Gulf.

You are interested in spending more bucks should visit the 148th floor to see the mesmerizing view of the world and mother nature from the world’s highest observation deck. You can say that Burj Khalifa is a paradise on earth. In Addition, the world-class Armani hotel chain is on the ground floor. So visitors can enjoy a nice sunbath and grand swimming pool, Spa, and various Indian, Chinese, and western massage therapies.

Three times taller than the Eiffel tower. Burj khalifa tourists should enjoy a lifetime experience in one of the fastest elevators to the Horizon, i.e 124th floor.

Dubai Mall

If you have not seen Dubai mall and Burj Khalifa, you have not seen Dubai. Identically Dubai mall is an extension of Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai.

the second-largest mall in the world when it matches the land area of other giant malls hosts almost 1200 shops.

Burj Khalifa holds some world records, likewise in 2011 most visited building on the globe ranging over 54 million visitors. Opened two years before Burj khalifa with 1000 retailers shops sets another record.

Besides, the iconic Burj khalifa Dubai mall consists of its aura and magic to attract visitors from all across the globe, world-famous Dubai aquatic and underwater zoo.

Dubai aquarium is a wonderland for lovers of marine life. A 28-meter tunnel with 270 degrees view consists of over 33,000 aquatic animals and 150 species. The aquarium consists of a wide range of sharks, penguins, seahorses, and rare species, which are not known to many visitors.

Also, you can opt for Glass bottom boat. This way, you can enjoy a boat journey in which many aquatic animals swim through your feet.

The magnificent aquarium and aquatic zoo are managed by Emaar entertainment.

it received many awards like a certificate of excellence and Images most admired retailers of the year in 2012.

MVR Park Dubai in Dubai mall is the most eye-catching complex with laser maze shows and Racer bumper cars. In MVR park, soft play area for children including amusement games, classic carnival games, redemption games, and various skill games extension of Dubai dino which contains fossil of dinosaurs.

Dubai mall tour is incomplete without rainforest cafe. The cafe theme is unique. tourists believe they are in a rainforest of the Amazon with a wide variety of beverages and foodstuff.

Heaven inside the giant metal structure

Burj Khalifa is the long-standing army of pieces of metal identically the great wall of china – metal giant consists worth of 100,000 elephants.

From space, the great wall of china is the only visible man-made structure likewise, for an Aircraft pilot, the heights of Burj Khalifa are visible from a long distance if the weather is clear. In the hot arid atmosphere of the city, tourists luxuriate themself in the tower of heaven “Burj Khalif”.

Burj Khalifa annually hosts major corporate meetings around the world that are not based in Dubai or UAE. Due to its status and luxury, many MNCs from all over the world, host corporate seminars and business meetings in Burj Khalifa.

Burj khalifa’s location and its proximity to beaches. deserts make it one of the unique and primary locations for the tourist who wants to explore different aspects of life at the same time.

the tower is a favorite destination for business people who wants to enjoy the tour with a restricted amount of time in a there packed schedule.

You can ride or drive throughout the city in luxurious cars, like Lamborgini and Ferrari. Driving these cars is a dream of many people. So call for Aventador car rentals as they provide you luxury cars at an economical rate.

The finale of our tour

Your bucket list is incomplete without a modern world wonder called Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa is the combo of desert safari and nearby water bay making your visit worth it.

Burj khalifa has it all – Dine with your beloved ones in the world’s highest restaurant on the 124th floor and enjoy the luxury.

So book your flight and visit the Burj Khalifa and experience the human-made architecture that gives you the feeling of heaven.

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