Simple Guide to Play Online Poker Hand Rankings

It is fundamental requirement for playing poker that player understands the poker hand ranking; it is the order of the priority of various hands. Also being required for determining who has won particular pot, it’s also required to understand hands that other players may be representing and whether therefore you think you could beat them. Various hands are below listed into order of the priority -:

1. The Royal flush – the top of poker hands order are royal flush, being an Ace, King, Queen, the Jack and ten suited.

2. The Straight flush – it is five consecutive suited cards, for e.g. three, four, five, six and seven of spades. Such particular example is straight to 7, which will be beaten by straight to 8.

3. Four of kind – it is simply four cards of same value, for e.g. four Jacks. Note that the 4 Queens will beat the four Jacks.

4. The Full house – triplet and pair, for e.g. three Queens and pair of the 7.

5. Flush – any five cards of similar suit.

6. Straight – any five consecutive cards that are not suited.

7. Three of kind – very simply, the triplets. 3 Aces beat three Kings.

8. Two pair – very simply, it is two separate pairs. Note down that there is not better position in poker hands order of three pairs, since it is total of six cards and your best five count only.

9. Pair – simply two cards of same value and, high value pair as usual beat lower value of pair.

10. High card – the bottom of poker hands order are high card. It is simply highest card from hand of five which has not placed better combination. So Ace, ten, six, four and three off suit will be called the Ace high.

While calculating that who has won particular hand remembers that it’s only best five cards that counts – if two players draw along with these five cards it doesn’t go to that person who has got strongest 6th card, and pot is split. You if are struggling for maintaining importance of the poker hand rankings in that case using free downloading of poker odds calculator is great option. Tools would sit alongside your selected poker room and also provide guidance on playing which hand in every situation. If really you want to play good poker game online then you would need Free Poker Odds Calculator which is automatic.

Poker hand rankings are one of the most important aspects of any poker game. When playing online poker, especially fast online poker games such as Texas Holdem Poker, you need to be able to quickly discern which cards are needed to create a better poker hand.

Beginners often find themselves losing their first few games by not being able to identify which cards offer the best opportunities to build a really strong hand. It’s fairly simple to understand the poker hand rankings if you just take a little time to study them.

Remember that when you’re playing Texas Hold’em poker you are trying to create the best 5-card poker hand from a total of 7 cards. There are 2 hole or pocket cards and 5 communal cards. You may use any combination to create your best hand. You may even use all five communal cards.

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