Get Easy Guide To Setup HP Printer Via 123.hp.com/setup

Setup HP Printer Via 123.hp.com/setup

To start print-job from Chromebook without any kind of disruption, setting up an HP Printer with a Chromebook for a wireless or wired connection is the very first thing you are required to do. If you have no idea regarding your printer setup process, you can arrive at 123.hp.com/setup and follow the provided directives accordingly. However, the best part about utilizing a printer on Chromebook is that you don’t need to introduce any printer drivers explicitly. Furthermore, we describe the actual as well as relevant procedures to setup HP Printer on Chromebook in the blog-post. So, keep reading to learn effective instructions for the same.

HP Printer are one of the best printing machines available in the market which is Well compatible with PC. 123 HP Printer are well known for its quality and their services provide for Home users, small office users and even for commercial purpose users. So, when you are buying a new HP printer, You have to first unbox it and get connect with your PC. Then only we can able to print. Since you are a beginner you can’t setup a new printer with Computer.  Just follow our instructions carefully to make HP Printer Setup simple. If you need instant support, contact our technical support by through chat box, they will contact you 24/7 service, and fix your any problems occurs in HP printer as per 123.hp.com/setup rules.

Complete Fruitful Guidelines To Setup HP Printer On Chromebook

Before you begin setting up your printer, you have to confirm that both your HP Printer aand Chromebook are associated with a similar Wi-Fi. 123.hp.com Here is step-by-step guide through which you can connect your devices on the same Wi-Fi network. Let’s follow:

Connect Chromebook To Wi-Fi

  • First and foremost, give a click on the time appeared on the base right corner of your Chromebook
  • To interface your Chromebook with Wi-Fi, click on the “Not Connected” option.
  • At that point you will see the shabby of Wi-Fi network accessible in your area.
  • Afterward, choose the one at which you want to associate with your gadget and then enter its secret password.
  • Finally, hit the “Connect” tab.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is in working condition, if it’s moderate, change to another Wireless network.

Connect Your HP Wireless Printer To Wi-Fi

Once your Chromebook get successfully associated with Wi-Fi network, thereafter you are required to connect your printer as well on the same Wi-Fi. Here is the right ways to do so:

  • On your HP printer, select the “Control Panel” menu and press the “Wi-Fi” symbol.
  • Alternatively, you can likewise press the Wi-Fi button, if there’s one on your printer machine.
  • HP printer will search for close by accessible Wi-Fi networks after which you can pick your Wi-Fi network name.
  • After that enter your Wi-Fi secret key and that is it.

Add HP Printer To Your Chromebook

Now, you can add your printer to your Chromebook and begin with printing task with no hassle. Here is how to do this:

  • Initiate with choosing the snap symbol on your Chromebook and thereafter navigate to the “Settings” option.
  • Under Settings section, write “Print” in the inquiry box.
  • Select the Printers alternative from the given-list and afterward click on the “Add Printer” choice.
  • You will then examine a rundown of accessible printers on your screen from which you have to choose your HP remote printer model.
  • Finally, hit the “Add catch” and now you are good to go with printing-function.

After getting your printer setup successfully on Chromebook, you can now frequently print photos, documents, WebPages, and emails directly through the Chrome browser or any supported apps.

Land On 123.hp.com/setup For Advance Technical Help

However, on the off chance that you experience any issue while performing the given directions and need instant help to solve it, don’t hesitate to contact us as we are expert in fixing any printer problems. You can call us at 123.hp.com/setup Printer helpline to immediate connect and for getting handy solution at doorstep.

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