How to Make Your Home Feel Country Chic

Home decorum is one of, if not the most effective way to set tone and mood within your living environment. How you utilize your floor plan, what types of products you use, and color schemes are all pieces of your interior feel. Having a definitive style when creating your interior feel allows you to ensure that everything fits. One of the more popular, and evolving styles is a country chic look. This look combines farmhouse stylings and modern looks to provide a unique duality. An embracing of the classic without sacrificing modern takes. Here are a number of ways to make your home feel more country chic.

Exposed Wood

One of the best ways to create a country chic look is to use lots of exposed wood. Especially if it is reclaimed wood, this look can bring the country look into your home without overdoing it.

There are a number of ways to incorporate wood into your home decorum. Among the more permanent, and more expensive ways, installing a hardwood floor, or wood panel lining on your walls can not only shape a space, but provide comfort and depth. If you are considering this option, make sure that the type of wood, and the stain accents your home well. A consistent color palette is crucial to interior flow.

Another great way to take advantage of exposed wood is through furniture. A table, or set of chairs made from reclaimed wood with quality stain can help combine the country look with modern appliances—such as a modern refrigerator, stove, etc.

Lastly, cabinets, armoires, and other furnishings are great opportunities to get wood into your interior design. These are also great opportunities to introduce alternate colors, such as light blues, whites, and yellows. These stains can really help to incorporate classic country looks into a more modern space.

Country, not Cluttered

In pursuing a country chic space, the goal is to bring together the old and the new. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make in the pursuit of building a country chic space is to create a cluttered space. The modern look is very spacious, utilizing open space just as much as used space. Search for the right items, but do not overuse them. You want to create a space that has excellent flow.

What is flow? Everything should move from room to room with ease. The living room should be designed for sitting and discussion and should easily flow into the kitchen, the kitchen should be designed for effective cooking. If you have a porch or outdoor area, making the transition from inside to outside should be just as intentional. Utilizing something like a magnet screen can be a great way to facilitate this, and allow yourself and others to move from inside to outside and vice versa with ease.

Ensure that there is a consistency in style throughout each room, such that the space comes together as a whole.

Color Palettes

While we’ve mentioned it in passing, color palettes are critical to the success and consistency of your space. For the country chic look, you want to mix natural colors with defined shades, and if done well, a small number of pastels. Base your color palette on your walls and flooring. If you are utilizing wood floors or wall panels, consider using dark brown or black furniture that doesn’t have a grain. This allows you to create contrast in the space.

The more popular occurrence is white, black, or grey walls that are juxtaposed to wood furnishings, and something like a cabinet or writing desk bearing a blue or green pastel to add color and comfort to the space.

There are a number of color palettes that you can find online, or you can go old fashioned and utilize a color wheel to find the best options for your own space. While you can adjust the color palette you use by room, it is important that you keep some consistency as you flow between spaces so that it does not feel abrupt.


Artwork is another important piece of the country chic look, and part of its use is ensuring that it is not tacky. Remember, country chic is all about juxtaposition. Find artwork that embraces the natural world, but is not aggressively western. Subtle, understated natural colors, and frames that accompany the furniture in your space will help you create an interior that is both spacious, modern, and cozy simultaneously.


It’s okay to just give things a try within your space. Some things will work, some won’t. Taking time to experiment can help you create a space that you enjoy, and that you have built over time. Part of the process of design is discovering what you like.


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