How to fix sunglass holder in car

How to fix sunglass holder in car

How to fix sunglass holder in car

How to fix sunglass holder in car

If you are fashion conscious then I think sunglasses will be the first choice for you. While driving your car most of the car driver wants to wear sunglasses because sometimes its a matter of fashion and sometimes it’s a matter about giving comfort to your eyes. We all know that both daytime and nighttime sunglasses are available in the market.

If you select nighttime sunglasses then it will give comfort to your eyes during the night time and if wear a daytime sunglasses then it will protect your eyes from sunlight. But its not all bout wearing sunglasses there are few times when we feel disturbed in wearing sunglasses and at that time we need a place to keep the sunglasses securely in a car and at that time most people most car driver prefers to keep their sunglasses on a car dashboard which I think is not a perfect place to keep your sunglasses as if you keep your sunglasses in your car dashboard then it may fall due to the jerking of your car especially while you drive your car in a bumpy road.

If you have a sunglass holder in your car then you can very easily keep the sunglasses very safely without causing any damage to it. But you must know How to fix sunglass holder in car otherwise you may have to take your car to a garage to fix the sunglass holder in your car which can be a bit pricy as well as it can be a time-wasting task also.

Fixing a sunglass holder in your car is not a very tough task it is really the very easiest task to fix a sunglass holder in your car. If you follow my instruction carefully then I can assure you that you can do the total task lot more easily. If you want to perform the task by watching a youtube video then also you can do it. As we all know youtube tutorial videos and website guide-related articles are the best platforms to gain knowledge about anything or you can perform any task by just watching the youtube video or reading guides.

How to fix sunglass holder in car 2021

Now we are going to explain how to fix a sunglass holder in the car I think you have been waiting to know about this for a long period of time. I will say it is a very simple task if you follow my instruction with full of attention then you can perform the task very easily. You just have to keep faith in us. We are going to describe How to fix a sunglass holder in a car just in 3 simple ways or the easiest ways.

At first, you must bent your car sun visor down then you should side it into the clip. While searching for sunglass holder you can also look for our similar article get skin tags on your face

If your sunglass is leather-made one then you must stretch to fix the sunglass holder wherever you want to put it. But if your sunglass is made from an aluminum alloy then there is no matter of stretching it. You just fox it with a single push.

After that you should hold the glass of your sunglass from the frame and try to keep the glasses of your sunglass lens towards the downside.

Lastly, you must properly use your finger so that you can slightly open the clamps and slide in the glasses’ temples.

So you have completed the task of fixing the sunglass holder in your car. I think you are feeling happy as you have completed the total task by yourself without taking anyone’s help.


If you have a love for fashion then I think wearing sunglasses will be an addiction for you whether it’s driving time or other. But sometime you will feel tired by wearing sunglasses all through the day. That’s why having a sunglass holder in your car is really a must-have thing. Those who want to gain more knowledge about How to fix a sunglass holder in car can read this article from cartoolsguide.com

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