Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports betting is a new way of betting on sports in the fast-growing betting industry. To make it more fun and available 24 hours sports events are conducted virtually using computer software. This is expanding the current betting industry and opening up a who different way of betting.

Punters can bet on Virtual sports at websites like Satsport247. Punters will be able to bet on various virtual events like horse racing, virtual cricket, soccer matches, etc.

What are virtual sports?

Virtual sports are basically video games in which computer program plays all the sports events contests and races. An advanced algorithm is used to determine the outcome of the gameplay. The algorithm accounts for the skills of the event participants and also there is some luck with random number generation to make outcomes unpredictable.

The computer generates advanced graphics to make virtual sports look like the same as gaming consoles but it would be more like watching a tv broadcast. Sportsbooks offer action on Virtual sports without needing any real-world event to base the wagers on.

What virtual sports are available?

Virtual sports are available for almost every popular sport worldwide, here is the list of some sports available to play on Satsport247.

  • Virtual Cricket
  • Virtual Tennis
  • Virtual Basketball
  • Virtual Football (soccer)
  • Virtual Horse racing
  • Virtual Dog racing

Is betting on virtual sports legal?

As far as the concern of legality goes, if a licensed website such as Satsport247 offers betting on virtual sports, it can be said that it’s legal. Licensed websites are regulated and work under the game policies under which they offer all betting services.

Satsport247 offers all popular virtual sports for Indian punters and with amazing bonus offers of a 100% sign-up bonus and a 5 % bonus on every deposit, it does not end there. Satsport247 also gives a 5% bonus on every referral sign-up.

How to bet on virtual sports?

It’s not so different from online betting on real-world sports events. The only key difference between virtual sports betting and real-world events betting is that bookmakers decide when the virtual event will start.

Other than the difference in event nature itself, all the other mechanics are just like any other online sports betting event whether it is cricket, soccer, or tennis. When it comes to types of betting options a variety of bets are available for every virtual sports event.

Advantages of Virtual Sports Betting

There are several advantages of betting on virtual sports rather than offline sports. It is a fact that virtual platforms proved to be cost-effective. Aside from offering customers one more way to place bets on sports. It brings a lot of other advantages as well.

Some of them are as follows:


The biggest advantage of virtual sports is that you are not limited to league schedules. Even some sports are played a few weeks in a year, so you get to play for a few weeks only. It allows punters to place bets on sports without seasonal bounds. You can play your favorite events multiple times in a year.


When it comes to reliability real-world sports can be effect by various reasons such as weather, and disease just like sports were canceled because of COVID. Even extreme weather conditions such as sudden rain cause the match to cancel or postpone resulting in running the fun of the game. Virtual sports get the lead here with reliability and eliminating all reasons there are to cancel the sports.

High Profits:

As sports played virtually are more efficient than real-world sports hence punters can make more bets and get quick paybacks. Platforms for virtual sports are cost-effective and provide a variety of betting options for fast-paced tournaments.


As we discussed in detail about virtual sports and their advantages and compared them with real-world sports a little. It showed us in which parts betting on virtual sports favors punters in most ways and it enhances the experience and profits with instant paybacks.

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