How Long Can a Cigar Last In A Humidifier


The ideal span of aging  cigars is 3 months to one year, with the flavor continuing to improve for up to 10 years.Cigar humidifiers are a must for cigar aficionados.

Cigar humidifiers are a must for cigar aficionados.

If you’re a cigar aficionado and have been enjoying your cigars without the aid of a humidifier, it’s time to reconsider. Humidifiers are a must for any serious smoker who wants his or her favorite smoke to last as long as possible.

  • Humidifiers prevent the cigars from drying out. The longer they stay moist, the longer they’ll stay fresh and flavorful even after being smoked.
  • They can help prevent mold from forming on your cigars’ wrappers and/or fillers (the inner wrapper). If left in an enclosed space with little air circulation around them (such as in a humidor), mold can grow quickly—but not if there’s plenty of moisture around them!

A humidifier will keep your cigars fresh for much longer than just leaving them at room temperature would do—and this is important because one thing we know about smokers: We like our smokes!

A humidor is not a humidifier.

A humidifier adds moisture (moisture content) to the air in your home or office so that you feel comfortable when you’re there; this makes sure everything stays cool enough for people who smoke indoors (including children). They use evaporative technology instead of heating up water because it’s cheaper than heating up hot water tanks like those found in many kitchens today

Cigar humidifiers are a great way to store your cigars and keep them fresh.

Cigar humidifiers are a great way to store your cigars and keep them fresh. They’re also an easy way to maintain the right level of humidity in your humidor, which can help keep your favorite sticks from drying out or getting moldy.

A good cigar humidifier will have several key features:

  • A fan that makes sure air circulates evenly throughout the unit; this is important because some units come with only one opening for ventilation (which may not be enough).
  • An elevated tray for holding your cigars upright; this keeps their heads off the bottom of the jar so they don’t get crushed by gravity as well as protects them from getting wet when you tilt it up during storage periods (and lets you see how they’re doing).


We hope that this article has helped you learn a little more about the best cigar humidifiers on the market and how they can help your cigars stay fresh for longer. If you want to learn more about storing cigars, check out our other articles on the topic!

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