Forex Bonuses: The Best Forex Bonus Brokers List

It is of utmost importance for a Forex trader to find best forex bonus brokers that would provide him with a full-fledged trading experience. The bonus and promotions offered by the broker are two major factors that influence an experienced trader’s decision when he decides on a particular Forex broker.

Introducing the best forex bonus brokers of 2022, the top 10 Forex brokers that offer bonuses. Traders Union have compiled this easy-to-use list so you can easily find a trusted Forex broker with a great Forex bonus.

What Is A Forex Bonus?

The Forex Bonus is a free gift given by the Forex broker to Forex traders, who are planning to open an account with them. It can be used for either opening a new account with the broker or for trading on the demo account.

How Does It Work?

Forex traders do not need to deposit any funds to get this free gift, but still trading with real money would be highly recommended in order to practice and make a profit from your trades.

The amount of the Forex Bonus depends on the broker you choose and your initial deposit. For example, if you have chosen a broker that gives you $100 as a bonus, you could use it for opening a new account of $100. If you have chosen another one, which gives $100 as a bonus and also offers a 100% bonus up to $1000, this means that you can use $1000 to open an account and get another $1000 as well.

Types Of Forex Bonuses

Forex bonuses can be quite confusing, so we have tried to make this guide as simple and straightforward as possible.

Name of the Bonus: This is what most people mean when they say forex bonus. This is usually the name of the website offering the bonus. Eg: fxcm

Bonus Type: There are two main types of forex bonuses offered by retail forex brokers. These are the welcome bonus and the rebate bonus (also known as a volume bonus). Your broker might offer one or both types of bonuses, and they might also combine them into one offer. Welcome bonuses are usually given when you open a new account with a broker, while rebate bonuses are offered on an ongoing basis as an incentive to trade more often.

How to Get the Bonus

The criteria for getting a welcome bonus varies from broker to broker but it’s usually pretty simple. You just need to open a new account, deposit some capital and start trading. With rebate bonuses, there are usually much more specific requirements such as trading volume number of trades, or even time periods in which you must place a certain number of trades before you can withdraw your profits. Sometimes these requirements will only apply for part of your total account balance, for example, a $50,000 deposit might have a different withdrawal.

Top 10 Forex Bonus Brokers

There is a huge variety of forex brokers on the market, so picking the best one can be extremely difficult. In fact, there are so many variables to consider that you can easily become overwhelmed. Finding the right broker, however, can make the difference between success and failure in your trading career.

Trying to choose between Forex brokers? You have come to the right place! We are discussing the top 10 forex bonus brokers by Traders Union. The top 10 forex bonus broker list is based on Traders Union annual survey. The awards are given to the most popular brokers among traders. Traders Union is an association of professional Forex traders in the world, who share their trading experience and knowledge to help new traders enter the market successfully and make money.

Here are our Top 10 Forex Bonus Brokers:

1.       RoboForex

2.       Instaforex

3.       FBS

4.       XM

5.       Avatrade

6.       Tickmill

7.       FXOpen

8.       Weltrade

9.       World Forex

10.     Libertex

Final Words

In the end, it’s pretty easy to whittle down the top bonus brokers. Get forex brokers with excellent customer support ratings and good withdrawal limits. Check to see how many traders use each broker before choosing a bonus. Just remember to avoid scam sites at all costs. Good luck with your search!

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