Diamond Bracelets: Jewelry for Everyone


Diamonds have been the inexhaustible source of inspiration for jewelry items for centuries already. They become the main element in all kinds of jewelry, from engagement rings to the crowns. Diamond is one of the most famous and desirable stones in the world. But it takes a lot of hard work to make the diamond shine in your bracelet. They are not mined perfectly and ready for jewelry, and the great part of the raw stone won’t even get to become a jewelry at all. Only the best examples are carefully chosen to work with, so in future they could be set in the items you see in the store.

What happens when fine diamonds are set in the jewelry that is popular and loved by many, like a bracelet? It becomes a sophisticated item everyone would be happy to own. And how about adding trendy styles to it? Let’s see.

There are few chain styles of bracelets that go particularly well with diamonds. Their patterns compliment the beauty of the diamonds, and their designs provide the room for the stones to reveal their true shine. The Cuban link bracelet belongs to those types of chain patterns. A Cuban chain bracelet is constructed of twisted flat oval links that provide it with a massive look, already perfect for the statement jewelry. But the iced-out Cuban link bracelet makes the jewelry filled with luxury and glamor. Considering that it’s the trendiest chain link style everyone is fond of these days, wearing the Cuban link bracelet covered with diamonds will make you the center of attention. Though the peak of the popularity of diamond Cuban link chain style was in the 70s, they have made their comeback due to the once again growing influence of rap culture on fashion. The bracelet has proven that it’s a timeless classic now and the iconic item ready to spice every modern look with its distinctive brilliance.

The Gucci chain pattern is also a popular choice for iced-out bracelets. The wide flat links of oval shape with a vertical bar inside make the perfect surface to set as many diamonds as possible. The Gucci links often inspire bold combinations of fancy diamond colors, which result in absolutely amazing jewelry masterpieces. The massive and strong Gucci chain bracelet gives off the vibes of extravagant chic with the flair of fancy glamor, making it hard to find a better bracelet for your diamonds.

Not everyone likes massive and chunky jewelry, and we promised the bracelets for everyone. So, as a counterweight to the jewelry described earlier, we may offer an alternative that should please the fans of delicate bracelets. A tennis bracelet is able to add sophisticated charm to your image with ease and grace. This bracelet became popular due to a rather amusing story. When a simple bracelet made of a diamond strand fell off the wrist of a famous tennis player Chris Evert during one of the US Open 1987 matches, she refused to continue the game until it was found. The incident with a happy ending gave the jewelry its name, made the popularity of a simple style grow, along with the cost of diamond Tennis bracelet. Even after all these years the Tennis bracelet remains a favorite practical jewelry able to elevate any look. A simple perfection proves once again that diamonds don’t require much to become the center of the image. The effortless beauty of the Tennis bracelet has made it the style, that’ll be loved by everyone for an eternity

But do you know what it takes to make a diamond bracelet everyone would admire? In order for you to get a nice diamond bracelet, the stones should answer some strict requirements, known in the industry as the 4C standard. The name goes from four main features that make the perfect diamond, and they all begin with c: clarity, color, cut and carat weight. Every category has its specific clearly defined rules of measurements. They are all equally important and only the combination of these 4 components define the value of the diamond.

The clarity of the diamond directly affects its quality and thus the price. The majority of the stones used in jewelry have inclusions of a certain degree, most often they’re unseen to the unaided eye, but they can have an impact on the color of the diamond, its shine and even strength. The diamonds that have no inclusions at all are very rare and expensive. So, if you hear that your diamond bracelet has some inclusions in the gems, don’t panic. All you need to know is how minor they are to understand the approximate price of the jewelry. The standard classification is the following:

  • FL, IFFlawless and internally flawless. The diamonds with no inclusions visible under 10x magnification. 
  • VVS1, VVS2Very, very slightly included. The inclusions are present in the gem, but they are slightly visible under 10x magnification.
  • VS1, VS2Very slightly included. The inclusions can be seen under 10x magnification but are still minor.
  • SI1, SI2Slightly included. Under 10x magnification the inclusions are visible, but to the unaided eye they are almost unseen.
  • I1, I2, I3 – the inclusions in the diamond can affect the brilliance and transparency.

As the inclusions may influence the color of the diamond as well, let’s talk about this category next. The scale of diamond colors goes from D to Z. We won’t get into the description of every letter in the list, but to understand how it works, you need to know that D is the colorless and the most valuable diamond, while Z has already a light yellow or brown very noticeable hue. With every letter from D to Z a slightly visible, almost indistinguishable tint is added to the stone. An average customer buying the diamond bracelet won’t be able to spot the difference in diamond shades without special devices or an expert by his side, but at least the information about the diamond’s color marker should give you the information to consider the value of the jewelry.

Sometimes the diamonds can be of red, black, green or blue colors, known in the industry as fancy, and they are not included in the classification. Such stones are more expensive than the colorless, as they are considered to be rare, so don’t be surprised when you found out the black diamond bracelet may cost more.

The next category is the cut, and it depends directly on the skill of the jeweler. To make the diamond interact with the light in the best way possible, the jewelers have been working for centuries to find the best cut with optimal number of facets and their location, while preserving as much of the raw stone as possible. The most popular diamond cuts are the round brilliant diamond cut, cushion cut, the princess cut, Asscher and pear-shaped. The cut is responsible for the shape of the diamonds in your bracelet and their sparkle.

All that’s left from the original uncut diamond after the jeweler’s work and is now set in your bracelet can be weighed in carats, where 1 carat is 200 milligrams. The carat weight may be of two types: the total carat weight, meaning the weight of all the diamonds in the jewelry; and the individual carat weight, that shows the weight of a single stone. So, if your bracelet has more than 1 diamond, pay attention to the wording. 

The variety of styles and versatility of diamonds help to create so many different bracelets, that anyone is able to choose something to his or her liking, and the efforts spent to make a diamond bracelet, make this high-end jewelry even more precious.

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