Best Engine Oil for Motorcycle in India

Lubricating the engine is essential for the effective functioning of any motorcycle. We are well aware that neglecting engine oil quality when it comes to bike performance is equivalent to reducing the productivity and lifespan of your bike.

Engine oil protects the valves, keeps them dry and lubricated, allowing the engine to function properly. While bike companies recommend a certain brand of engine oil, it can be difficult to choose the best engine oil for motorcycle unless you are exploring other brands in the market.

Keep in mind that choosing the right engine oil according to the movement of your bike has a big impact on its performance. In this article, we have put together a list of the engine oils for motorcycles according to different engine capacities.

Grades of motorcycle engine oil

You’ve probably noticed motor oil grades marked as 50W 20 or 90W 70. What do these engine oil ratings actually mean? When it comes to choosing the engine oil for a motorcycle, knowing the engine oil class or motor oil thickness rating is critical.

The engine oil grade is represented by the letters XW-XX, where X stands for a number and W stands for weight. At 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -33.2 degrees Celsius, the X before W denotes the thickness or amount of oil supply.

It indicates that the smaller the X value, the greater the resistance to oil thinning at low temperatures. For example, during freezing climates, 2W-15 engine oil may thicken below 10W-20.

The numbers after W represent engine oil viscosity at 99 degrees Celsius (211 degrees Fahrenheit). This indicates that 24W-15 engine oil may thin down faster than 30W-15 engine oil.

Best Engine oil for motorcycles based on engine power


  • 10W-30

In typical environmental circumstances and short journeys, this grade of oil is best for 125 cc – 150 cc commuter motorcycles.

  • 10W-40

This type of oil is recommended for long travels and hot weather conditions to protect the 125 cc – 150 cc motorcycle engines.

  • 20W-40

Compared to other bikes, it has a smoother ride and is best suited to 150cc bikes.

  • 20W-50

This oil is often found in 200 cc to 250 cc motorcycles and performs well in high humidity situations.

  • 10W-50

When compared to 20W-50, 10W-50 thickens less in low temperatures.

Editor Choice


Bosch 20w40 Engine Oil For Bike

Many people are used to walking in the summer or in the scorching sun. Have you ever wondered if that heating was also causing your engine to overheat and shorten its lifespan? So no more need to be concerned for Bosch Engine Oil 20W40 will take care of it.

Carorbis offers the finest Bosch Josh 4T Engine Oil at the most economical pricing.

Motorbikes Gulfstar Hybrid Petrol Engine Oil 15W-50 API SN 

Indians are habituated to riding motorbikes in the hot summer sun. Engine oil burns a lot after being exposed to the sun for a long time, causing harm to the engine.

You no longer have to be worried since Gulfstar Hybrid Petrol Engine Oil 15W-50 API SN  will take care of everything. Carorbis offers the finest Gulfstar Hybrid Petrol Engine Oil 15W-50 API SN and GulfstarHybrid Petrol Engine Oil 15W-50 API SN.

Gulfstar 4T Speed Stroke Engine Oil For Motorbikes 10W-30 API SM 4 

Gulfstar 4 Stroke Engine Oil provides increased engine protection while delivering optimum performance and lowering engine repair costs.

It provides exceptional protection for gearboxes and wet clutches under extremely harsh working circumstances such as high speeds, high temperatures, rough roads, anti-wear characteristics, low corrosion, and friction.

Motul Mineral Engine Oil 3000 4T Plus 20W-40

This Motul 3000 AT Plus engine oil is ideal including all four-stroke motorcycles around 150cc and performs well in extreme temperatures.

It has significant detergent and surfactant characteristics, ensuring that such engines, gearboxes, and clutches are properly maintained and operate smoothly. Its inclusion of enhanced anti-wear capability extends the bike’s engine life.

The Motul 3000 4T Plus 20W-40 guarantees that your bike performs at its best any time you give it out for a ride by providing enough lubricant. Increased performance is further aided by the tuned engine.

In this article, a lot has been said about the brand and its goods. Users may read them in-depth and learn more about their technical and content aspects by visiting their individual brand Carorbis websites bike engine oil to verify the accuracy of the above list.


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