7 Tips to Use the Question Sticker in Instagram Stories

Sticker on Instagram Stories


Instagram quickly rose to prominence as a social network for brands and businesses thanks to its growth potential and exposure. 8/10 users are likely to follow at least one business account.

This is without mentioning the number of interactions the platform can provide.

The question sticker has been available on Instagram stories since 2018 and we’ve already talked a bit about it in our guide to asking questions on Instagram. The best part is that this sticker is simple to use and can be seen results in a matter of minutes.

We will discuss 7 ways you can use the question sticker in order to interact with your Instagram fans. Let’s first discuss how to use it.

How to use the question stickers on your Instagram Stories

Take a photo or a video from your Instagram stories. Click on the sticker button at the upper right, identified as a square icon with smiley faces.

To open the question sticker, click on the “Questions” option. The default text is “Ask me questions”, but you can change the text to personalize it. Then, click submits in the lower left corner.

Stick the sticker to your photo or video however you like

After publishing your story, you will be able to see the questions from your Instagram followers by clicking the thumbnails in the lower left corner.

These will be displayed above the list of people that have seen your story. You can reply to them and share them with your followers by clicking on one.

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Click “Share answer” to let your Instagram followers know the answer.

Use the question sticker in a smart way

Although it is easy to add the question stickers to your stories, strategically using them can make a big difference in growing your account and gaining more followers. Social Augment Instagram followers can help you reach more people if this is your goal on internet marketing.

This service offers real followers which will increase your account’s exposure and interaction. The following are important:

It should not be used in excess:

Your Instagram followers won’t interact with your stories if you use the question stickers too often. It is best to use it sparingly so that you don’t exhaust your followers.

React to your followers:

Spend some time answering the questions that your Instagram followers have asked. You might get comments from your followers, which could be positive or negative. In these cases, you should reply politely.

Make it worth it:

When using the question sticker, make sure to set a goal. You can build trust with your Instagram followers in order to convert them to customers.

Get feedback from people who have purchased your products, or just give your strategy an extra boost.

Here are some ideas for using the Instagram question sticker

  1. Organize a question-and-answer

Session: A question-and-answer forum is a great way to increase engagement and interactions. Although it is easy to use the question stickers, there are some things you can do that will encourage your Instagram followers to share your story.

First, choose a topic you are interested in. You can either talk about general topics or specific items related to your niche, or your business. Next, decide when and how long you want to start the dynamic.

It is important to let your Instagram followers know in advance when the dynamic will be launched. It doesn’t matter what type of dynamic you do, it should be in line with your business goals.

  1. Show your Expertise

Insta stories can be a great way to spark conversations about your business or the interests of your customers. Give advice about your product or service.

This will build sense reciprocity with your audience.

Your Instagram followers will enjoy your content more if you share interesting and useful content. They will also be more inclined to interact with you.

Remember that every Instagram story you post must be of value to your followers. With the question sticker, you’re encouraging your Instagram followers to get in touch with you and ask questions.

  1. Ask your followers for their opinions about your content

Use the question sticker to ask your Instagram users what they think of your content. Your followers will appreciate the feedback you get and you can improve your content.

  1. Ask your followers for their opinions about your products and services

Strategically using the question sticker can make it a market research tool. This will allow you to evaluate how your Instagram followers view your brand and what their opinions are about your products and services.

You must be careful not to misuse the sticker’s promotional potential as this could cause rejection from users.

Consider sharing the posts of your followers by including a humorous comment or response when asking for feedback.

  1. Ask your Instagram followers frequently-asked questions

It can be tedious to answer the same question repeatedly. This is why influencers and businesses have created the question sticker to answer the most common questions and concerns of their Instagram followers.

Use the sticker to answer repeated questions.

  1. Start conversations with your followers

The Instagram question sticker can be a great way to get to know your brand’s Instagram followers and interact with them.

It’s a way to get to know your customers and to ask them questions.

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