3 Team Building Game Ideas for Employees

As a business owner of multiple employees, it’s not only a relief when your staff get along, but it’s actually crucial to the success of your business. And most employees tend to agree — up to 75 percent of them believe that a collaborative work environment is key to a happy and successful workplace.

But how do you build a real sense of camaraderie in your workforce that breeds good communication and leadership? Team building initiatives. It might seem cheesy, but mornings, afternoons, or entire days dedicated to team building can really strengthen relationships.

Here are a few great team building game ideas for inspiration.


1.Building Connection: Two truths, One Lie

You only need about three staff members to make a game of it, and each person only needs to talk for two-three minutes. And yes, in this small amount of time you can build real connections.

The premise of the game is to ask each person in the group to think of two facts about themselves, as well as one lie. Make sure they’re interesting facts that other people will remember or want to discuss. It’s important that the lie is as believable as possible, too.

Ask each staff member to announce their two facts and one lie, while the group votes on which one they think the lie is. Think of this game as the ideal ice-breaker. It’s one of the best team building games if you have new staff members on your team.

2.Build Communication Skills: Back-to-Back Drawing

This game requires four or more staff members and only takes about five to 10 minutes per person. It’s a good game to play first thing in the morning after your first group meeting of the day.

Divide your team into two groups and have them sit back to back. The idea is to get the opposite team member to draw what another team member is explaining. For example, an opposite team member can only use words to describe an item, while the other team member must attempt to draw it.

This is a brilliant game to foster clear and concise communication between team members. At the end of the game, have each team member reveal their picture to see how well your staff communicated.

3.Foster Collaboration: An Escape Room Challenge

This is a team building exercise that takes a little more time so it’s best to do outside of work hours, or during a long lunch break. You’ll need a minimum of three people to participate and about two to three hours.

The basic premise of an escape room challenge is that your team members are locked in a maze of sorts and have to solve riddles and puzzles in order to escape the room. There is a myriad of escape room themes today that center around history, sci-fi, and horror themes. Learn more about them here.

Make sure your team picks an escape room theme they all agree upon and enjoy. This is a super fun and interactive way for your team to build on their collaboration skills, reveal their strengths and weaknesses, and build trust together.

Make the Most of These Team Building Game Ideas

These are just a few team building game ideas that not only strengthen relationships but can help to break down barriers that regular communication just can’t do.

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