3 Reasons To Decorate Using Antique Furniture

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Looking for the right piece of furniture for your home? The word “antique” makes you think of stuffy Victorian living rooms, but you’ll be surprised at how much they can breathe new life into modern “big box” store furniture.

 Rather than buying a coffee table or desk that was mass-produced, try to find something that was made by hand and has a classic design. Continue reading to get some design ideas and to find out our 3 favorite reasons to visit a furniture shop to decorate your home. 

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce, reuse, and recycle! If you’re worried about how the environment has been changing, old furniture should be at the top of your list of comfort items. Using furniture that has already been made is better for the environment than buying something new. 

Today’s manufacturing methods can create a lot of waste and use a lot of materials. If you care about the environment, it is better to buy a good piece of furniture that already exists. If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, buy an old one next time you need a dresser or table.

People who care about their health should know that antique furniture refinishing is also the better choice. At this point, most furniture is not made from real wood. Instead, it’s made from manufactured wood, which is often treated with a lot of chemicals to keep it together. 

You probably don’t want these chemicals in your home. Just think about the clothes you keep in your dresser. You wouldn’t want them to bring any chemicals into your body… An old desk made of real wood would be better for the environment in every way.

Mixing Up Your Decor Style

It’s cool to buy home goods and art from different periods and styles. This is called “cross-collecting.” Does most of your furniture lean toward the modern? Do you choose a look that can be worn year-round? 

An old piece of furniture can look great in any home, whether it’s used to complete a more traditional look or as an accent in a more modern one. Putting old-fashioned furniture in modern rooms is one of my favorite design trends right now. A mid-century or modern living room might have a lot of straight lines and bright colors. 


You can always be creative with where you put your antiques if you want to try something new. The great thing about these pieces is that you can use them in a lot of different ways around the house. Take an old table as an example. Its many drawers could store a lot more than just clothes in the bedroom.

 In your dining room, you could use it as a buffet to store things for parties. In your doorway, it could be used as a catch-all table to hide mail or your keys.

 You could easily use an antique armoire as a classy TV cabinet in your living room. They would also look great with your gadgets. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box—there are lots of options!

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